characteristics00Notwithstanding their noble origins our horses were still put to work in the fields till the late Sixties. There they excelled in hardiness, endurance, movements and willingness to work … characteristics which are still most evident in our horses of today. These characteristics are the result of a consolidated genepool combined with extremely strict breeding selection and natural upbringing.

Many rewards and medals for outstanding movements and functionality in high-level national and international competitions speak for themselves. The “Yeguada Militar“, known among breeders for high-standard expertness and strict selection, included various stallions from our stud in their breeding depots.

potros_libertad3GThe “LINEA NOGALES“ of today is considered by now a reknown brandmark that stands for impeccable movements and functionality, nobility of character and well-balanced behaviour.

Speaking of all this the success of our legendary “Cobra de tres”, a team of 3 almost identical mares, consisting of “Victoria II”, “Carrerita” and “Doña Pepa” should be mentioned. They won 10 goldmedals within no time. Their harmony and movements were simply fascinating.

We aim to maintain the high quality of our heritage by adapting it to the requirements of state-of-the-art methods of horsebreeding.

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