colt01Tradition has got a name: Yeguada Nogales. With a history that goes back more than 200 years Yeguada Nogales is one of the oldest private-owned studs in Spain.

The stud was founded in 1810 by Don Antonio Nogales Granda, landowner in the area of Villanueva de la Serena (Spain), County of Extremadura. Don Antonio decided to select some of his many free-roaming mares for future breeding and marked them with the clear-cut brand of a capital “N”. That is how it all started more than two centuries ago.

Things went well. Fate had it, however, that the home of the stud all of a sudden came into great danger. That was in 1835 when expropriations were looming all over Spain. In order to save his 62 broodmares Don Antonio relocated them to the nearby Portugal on an interim basis. In order to do so, he thoughtfully registered each one of them in detail. In retrospect one may say that, inspite of the incident as such, this register was a great help for the future development of our bloodlines.

Nothing much has changed ever since: the Hacienda is still functioning in its original place, the horses are still roaming the extensive “Dehesas”, a vast, open-spaced landscape, strewn with old oaks and waterholes thrown in at good measure. This enables the horses to enjoy a very natural and yet domesticated upbringing.

colt02Many years later, in 1933, Don Alfonso Nogales y Nogales, Viscount of the Montesina, now owner of the stud, decided to buy 12 broodmares plus a stallion of the unique “Hierro del Bocado” (purebred Carthusian Horses) of the DOMINGUEZ ROMERO stud in Jerez de la Frontera, a stud that was very much sought after at that time because of the brand and its pertaining bloodlines.

Many of those old bloodlines are lost by now. Not with us, though. Most of our horses still carry a high percentage of Carthusian blood. Those horses on our stud which still fulfill the strict breeding rules for the traditional 100 % Carthusian lineage are known by now as “LINEA NOGALES”. It doesn’t really come very much as a surprise that quite some wellknown studs of today were founded on the basis of our horses.

Don Manuel Nogales Márquez de Prado succeeded in the ownership of the stud some years ago. His dedicated horsemanship, his drive, his knowledge as well as his experience are highly appreciated and sought after throughout the world of the Pura Raza Española.

Whenever you might feel like visiting us, we will be happy to welcome you to our premises.

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